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4 of the Best Vegan Puffer Jacket Brands to Buy this Winter

Puffer jackets are a staple to cope with the freezing cold winter this year. For those looking for a vegan puffer, it can be super confusing to know which brands will actually keep you warm. If this sounds like a dilemma you’re facing, no need to fear! This guide will walk you through some brands that sell vegan puffers which will keep you cosy and insulated.

Toast Society

Toast Society is an Australian owned business which has some of the coolest puffer jackets on the market right now! All their jackets use Sorona Cloudmax Faux down which, compared to traditional faux down filling, produces 30% less energy and releases 63% fewer greenhouse gas emissions. This conscious filling technology will keep you dry and warm, even in freezing conditions! I just bought the Jupiter Puffer Jacket as a present for my sister this winter! Toast Society just came out with an exclusive jacket with Cartia Mallan which is a gorgeous refreshing green colour and will keep you stylish and warm all winter. If you need more length to keep your whole body warm then I would recommend the Sienna Longline Puffer.  For the little ones you can check out the Bambino Pluto Puffer's so cute!!

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The North Face

North Face is a very popular puffer jacket brand and they offer plant-based jackets that keep you warm, made from 100% recycled fabrics and fill. The ThermoBall Eco Jacket is part of their sustainable line which is made from 100% recycled nylon. This jacket is lightweight, packs down nicely, and will keep you warm even when it has been exposed to water. However, it can be a bit bulky on top of heavy layers. There is also a vest option for those who are looking for an even more packability and lightweight. I love the Women’s Printed Jacket which has a gorgeous quilted pattern!

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Josh has owned the Heli Thermore Men’s Jacket for over 5 years and loves it. Kathmandu’s Heli Thermore range is great for those looking for a lightweight puffer for warmth without the bulk. This style is available in different cuts for Women, Girls, and Boys. This lightweight puffer is great for an all year round coat to keep you warm! Bonus points for its insulated pockets. It gets the job done, but for those really chilly days you may want something with a bit more fill (see Passenger below for a Men’s option!). There is also the Women’s Longline Jacket which provides added warmth from its long length!

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The Hide Vegan Leather Puffer Jacket by Nanushka is the puffer jacket of my vegan dreams! It is made from signature alternative leather and lined in smooth satin. This stunning jacket is free from animal skin and any use of animal derivatives in the manufacturing process. The quality of Nanushka is known to be unmatched! This jacket is big, warm, and cosy!

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Josh just came across the coolest vegan friendly winter puffer jacket. The Manitoba Recycled Jacket is made from single-use plastic bottles and finished with a PFC-Free water repellent coating. Recycled polyester reduces the production's dependence on petroleum, cuts out the water and air pollution produced when creating virgin polyester, alongside preventing unnecessary landfill waste. This puffer is known to be very warm while still keeping it stylish! Josh ended up buying it and can confirm - it’s warm! Definitely warmer than his Kathmandu jacket above. He tells me that he’s at long last toasty in the winter.

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It is amazing that today there are so many plant-based puffer jacket options. Faux down and jackets free from animal feathers can actually keep you warm this winter. In Melbourne’s freezing cold winters, a puffer jacket is a necessity! Hopefully you can find an option suitable for you above or you can browse the full range of vegan jackets on Buy Vegan here!

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