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What is Buy Vegan?

Buy Vegan is a directory of the best vegan products that you can find and buy in Australia. It started with our founder, Josh, and his partner Michaela, adding in their favourite vegan products.

From there, friendly vegans and vegan friends have added their own favourite plant based products to the directory.

Buy Vegan lists over 3,000 vegan products that you can buy in Australia. Products are organised into collections and sorted by reviews, making it easier to find the best vegan products out there.

We do not certify that the products contained on the website are vegan. We do what vegans are accustomed to - reading the ingredients list or table of contents to determine if an item is vegan. Buy Vegan is a community powered directory of vegan-friendly products, meaning that anyone can submit or review a products. We do our best to double check all submissions, but it is possible some products may slip through! For a list of all certified vegan products, please visit Vegan Australia.

We do not certify that products on the website are 100% to their dietaries listed - please always reference directly with the brand before making your purchase. We are a directory to find and discover new products and have taken the dietary listings from the brand's claims, which are subject to change.

Please make sure to check the products yourself to confirm that you are satisfied with how vegan they are.

How can I get involved?

Browse the Directory

On the homepage you'll be able to find the latest products to be added or reviewed. From there, feel free to browse by category, brand or search - we've got you covered. 🙂 We have also tagged products with their dietaries (e.g. gluten free), so you can sort results by dietary requirements.

Rate and Review Products

Click on a product and you'll be able to add your two cents. If you feel like you have something to say, please do! It will help others to find their next vegan buy.
Rate & Review - Add a rating from 1 to 5 stars for the product, as well as a text review. This is the ideal place to let others know how you've used a product (e.g. was it the perfect alternative ham for your club sandwich, or did you finally find a vegan puffer that keeps you warm?).

Submit Your Favourite Products

Want to add your favourite products? Just hit the ‘submit a product’ button at the top of any page and follow the prompts. Your product will be submitted to us for moderation before being posted.

Register and Start Bookmarking Products

Use Buy Vegan as your own little vegan handbook. Register an account and you'll be able to bookmark products so that you can easily visit them again later. You'll also see all of the products you've ever reviewed and submitted. We'll also be adding a feature in the future to edit your reviews.

Log in or create an account to access your dashboard with your bookmarks and reviews.

Founded in Melbourne

Hi, I’m Josh – founder of Buy Vegan. I’ve been a passionate vegan for 15 years. I’m focused on helping vegan companies to sell products, and helping plant-based people to buy the best vegan products. That's why I started Buy Vegan. And of course, to find amazing new vegan and plant based products that I haven't heard of before!

Buy Vegan is a project by Sell Vegan, a marketing consultancy that specialises in vegan product marketing.

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