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Welcome to the Buy Vegan Ambassador Program! We are always on the hunt for people like you that are eager to contribute to the community and help people find the best vegan products. Brands will send you products in exchange for you making unbiased reviews on Buy Vegan.

How it Works

Brands who want more reviews on Buy Vegan will submit their interest to Buy Vegan. If approved, we will reach out to Ambassadors (you!) that have shown interest in their product’s category. If you accept the opportunity, you will be sent product(s) to your house and be expected to leave a review within 2 weeks of receipt.

How to Qualify

To qualify, you need to have made 10 reviews for products listed on Buy Vegan and make 1 review per month while part of the program.

Not sure how many reviews you’ve made? Log into your account and check your dashboard. Haven’t made 10 reviews yet? Find a product to review.

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How long do I have to submit my review?

You are expected to leave your review within 2 weeks of receipt of the product. We expect that this will be enough time for you to use and test the product. No one will be knocking on your door on day 15, unless you want to invite us over to share the products. 😉

How long does my review need to be?

There's no hard and fast rule here. We ask you to first and foremost be honest and write the best review possible - no need to meet and arbitrary word count. We ask you to think of one thing - what would be the most useful thing for someone else looking to buy this product to know?

Do I need to leave a positive review?

Hell no! Your review should be completely unbiased! The people of Australia looking for the best vegan products are relying on you being totally and brutally honest. If the product is truly good, then sing its praises! If not, then speak your mind.

Build your audience while helping the community!

Do you have an Instagram profile and want to gain followers? You can link your Buy Vegan account with your Instagram profile (coming soon!). That means that any time someone reads your product reviews, they will see your Instagram profile and can click to view it so they can follow you.

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