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Are Vegan Cookies Worth Trying?

Veganism is a diet which is about eating food without any animal products in it. 

Although dairy and egg  products are off the table, vegan cookies can be mighty tasty (and they’re getting even tastier!). The ingredients list may look a little different to your traditional cookie, but the idea is to incorporate plant-based options to ensure an equally delicious bite. 

A vegan cookies are great and delicious, here’s a quick guide to understanding exactly what makes them so good and worth trying:

What makes a cookie vegan?

When it comes to creating desserts like a vegan cookie, this means cutting out eggs, milk, butter and other animal byproducts that would typically be used in a cookie. But, with a multitude of plant-based ingredients, such as oat, coconut almond, cashew, rice and soy for milk,butter and cream, it is relatively common to replicate a dairy flavour and texture. Plant based egg substitutes are also beginning to hit shelves. Or, you could just use the leftover juices from a tin of chickpea to totally mimic egg. Seriously, it works, and it’s called aquafaba - look it up! 

Are vegan cookies considered healthier?

Experts postulate that butter can be high in cholesterol—too much of it can be bad for your health. Eggs are also cited the same way. And as we know, most cookie recipes or ingredients lists incorporate high amounts of these ingredients to get that flavour that your sweet tooth is looking for. The same also applies to the amount of sugar needed, topped with chocolate chips that are equally high in sugar. 

By replacing these ingredients with a plant based alternative, you can make a cookie healthier. But it’s important to note that vegan cookies aren’t miraculous snacks. They’re still meant to be eaten in moderation, especially since plant-based doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. 

So, in short, if you’re looking to make your cookie habit a healthy one then you’re in the wrong place. Cookies are cookies - they’re damn delicious and they’re probably not good for you - unless you’re looking in the health food aisle.

How can I choose the best vegan cookie for me?

Well, definitely don’t go choosing a vegan / plant based cookie for the health factor. Your best bet is to go for that pure, creamy delicious melt in your mouth taste.

White chocolate kinda gal? Find some cookies with white spots.

Dark cookie kinda guy? You know what to do.

Take your favourite regular cookie traits and just slap the word ‘vegan’ in front of them. There’s bound to be an option for you.

The Bottom Line

Cookies are a pantry staple, especially for the sweet tooths out there. For the cookie fiends out there it can be difficult to go by a day without a cookie or two.

The good news is that you can keep your cookie jar full and bustling with amazing different plant based cookies. And, more and more cafes are starting to offer vegan cookies in their windows.

The next time you’re at the supermarket or at your local cafe, put the word in that you’re looking for an alternative. Half the time they’ll have one ready for you and the other half the time they’ll take it as feedback to start stocking them!

Check out the best vegan cookies on our directory. You can also find other vegan goodies. Just start your search at 

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