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Best 3 Vegan-Friendly Michelin-Starred Restaurants in the World

Veganism is an increasingly growing lifestyle, steadily gaining more popularity throughout the world. As more people live life on the veg, different industries try to keep up by producing plant-based products for the community. 

But when it comes to serving gastronomic dishes that break lacklustre misconceptions, veganism is a delight to the senses that surprisingly packs a flavorful punch in more ways than one. We’re here to take your cravings to greater heights; that’s what we’ll be pinning down the tastiest, Michelin-starred vegan restaurants around the globe you should indulge in when travelling to these hot spots: 

1. King’s Joy 

Three Michelin Stars

Wudaoying Hutong, Beijing

Sourced from sustainable farms that go straight to King Joy’s tables, the world-renowned restaurant sets the bar high in the world as it puts a twist on vegan cuisine. Adding a whole new dimension to seasonal produce, King’s Joy deserves their three Michelin stars thanks to their delectable dishes, with vegan options to boot. 

Their philosophy shines through the freshness of their dishes, all of which follow an epicurean balance between delicate and strong flavours. King’s Joy culinary favourites include honeylocust, fox nuts, and peas topped on rice with wild, assorted mushrooms and peach resin perfectly capture what their dishes are all about: colourful, tasty, and interesting in every bite thanks to their textural contrast. 

2. Ona

One Michelin Star

3 bis rue Sophie-et-Paul-Wallerstein, Arès

Pairing elegance and a rustic charm, Ona can sweep people’s taste buds away with their Avante-Garde, vibrantly complex dishes capturing the heart of France’s market. Featuring a verdant garden with over 140 plants surrounding the quaint restaurant, dining in Ona feels like taking a picnic out in the open air.

The idyllic scenery and picture-perfect plates shape the atmosphere, making even meat-lovers fall in love with their colourful dishes and bracing vibe. 

3. Daigo

Two Michelin Stars

2-3-1 Atago, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Taking every diners’ breath away with its scenic, mountainside views and hearty meals, Daigo highlights the beauty of simplicity. The restaurant itself doesn’t need to dress up to look fancy as the nature-driven landscape takes centre stage, but the meat-free dishes satisfy one’s cravings for no-fuss delicacies. Shedding light on the natural seasoning of their crops, Daigo earns their two Michelin stars with their cuisine’s depth of flavours. 

The Bottom Line: Dining in the Best Vegan-Friendly Michelin-Starred Restaurants in the World

Vegan-friendly restaurants are taking over, but plant-based cuisines satisfy cravings on a whole different level as it takes a seat in one of the many fine-dining tables in the world. Michelin-starred vegan restaurants, in particular, have been turning heads everywhere. If you’re craving a luxurious yet deeply satisfying experience, the list above features the best vegan restaurants worth visiting. 

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