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Best Vegan / Plant Based Milk in Australia

So I have been vegan for 5 years now and I have truly seen the expansion of the plant-based milk market. There are so many different options and they actually all have quite significant differences. Also, different vegan milks often serve different purposes - some are better for cereal, some better for coffee, and some are delicious on their own. It really is a personal preference with plant-based milk! Here are some of my personal favourites.

Best Soy Milk

My go to soy milk is the Soy Milky Low Sugar by Vitasoy hands down! I find it tastes well balanced, smooth and creamy. The best part is that one serving provides nearly a third of your daily calcium needs. It is also a naturally high source of protein, in contrast with other  plant-based milks. I use this milk for baking, on cereal, and also drink it just plain. 

If you’re prepping a coffee, then I would definitely opt for Bonsoy as the best soy milk for coffee. The Soy Milk by Bonsoy has a subtle sweetness and a light nutty flavour. It is always a tick of approval when cafes use Bonsoy! It does not split or curdle in the coffee and froths so well!

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Best Almond Milk

Disclaimer: I use almond milk on certain occasions but it is not my go to vegan milk. I often will use the Unsweetened Organic Almond Milk by Pureharvest in my smoothies or for baking. I opt for this milk because it offers one of the highest percentages of actual almonds, more than any other product I can find in our local supermarkets. 

On the other hand, Josh is a daily digester of almond milk. He opts for the Unsweetened Almond Milk by So Good. It’s a great simple addition to morning oats, and is fortified with a bunch of vitamins and others to help you hit your daily recommended intakes - think protein, b12, iron, calcium.

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Best Oat Milk

Hands down the best Oat milk is produced by Oatly! I walk into a cafe in Melbourne and I decide whether it will be good based on whether they use Oatly! I use the Barista Edition by Oatly every day for my coffee. Why? It is creamy, tasty, and it really froths like no other. I have tried many other oat milk brands but none checks the boxes like Oatly. I recommend Oatly if you’re looking for an alternative milk with a more neutral flavour. I also love the Chocolate Oat Milk by Oatly (I seriously drink this straight out of the carton!)

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Best Macadamia Milk

Unlike Almond milk, I find that Macadamia milk actually tastes like the nuts of its origin, macadamia nuts. I really enjoy the Barista Macadamia Milk by Australia’s Own! It has a creamy and buttery flavour which I love in my Chai lattes! It has been developed with baristas in mind and so it steams and foams really well. 

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Best Cashew Milk

I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the So Good Cashew Milk has a creamy, sweet flavour similar to cow’s milk or soy milk. This unsweetened cashew milk has a nice and subtle taste which stands out but is not at all overpowering, a slightly rounder mouthfeel than most almond milks. I like using this over porridge or cereal!

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Supermarkets now stock a range of plant-based and alternative milks for you to choose from. The different brands do vary in taste and texture and it can be confusing to purchase the right non-dairy milk according to your preferences. To make that easier, we have tried to narrow down some of our faves! As always, check out the collection of vegan milk alternatives on Buy Vegan here and write a review to let other shoppers know what you like and dislike and to find out what vegan milk is Australia’s fave! 

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