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Countries That Have the Most Vegan and Plant-Based People: Part 1

The plant-based movement has continued to pick up its pace in recent years. Now more than ever, plenty of individuals are leaning towards cutting meat off their diet and replacing it with vegan products instead.

It took a while for people and countries around the world to pick up momentum, but now it seems like it’s almost a race to see who can be more vegan. Okay, maybe it’s not that strong - but we’re close to it! 

Keep reading below to find out which countries and cities around the world have the most vegans and plant based options. 

United Kingdom

The UK is not only famous for being a favourite destination of tourists and foreign travellers, but it’s where vegans live and thrive due to the abundant resources available all year round. They don’t only accommodate your needs for vegan food, but they also comprise countries that support the movement in various ways.

You can find a wide array of vegan shoes, bags, makeup, perfume, and other items to sustain your lifestyle. If you decide to live in England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland and are looking to live a vegan or flexitarian life then never fear!


Australia is a country where you can find a massive vegan community. Climate change and its adverse effects on the country and its citizens have spurred discussions about farming and meat consumption, driving many to consider and eventually embrace plant-based living. 

There are plenty of vegan restaurants, cafes and pubs to discover with more opening up by the day. And it’s not just food, there’s a tonne of other vegan items available in Australia. Just check out the Buy Vegan directory to see for yourself. 


About five per cent of Israel’s population claims to be vegan, which is one of the highest rates in the world. One of the biggest reasons why Israelis lean more towards vegan options include health and environmental purposes and their beliefs to stop animal cruelty. As many residents in Israel are kosher, this means that they avoid eating meat and milk together. Due to this, there is a wide range of milk free products that are known as Parve.

In fact, some say that Tel Aviv is the vegan capital of the world with more than 400 vegan or vegan friendly restaurants to dine at. Plus, many of their most popular dishes are already meat free. You may already be familiar with hummus, baba ganoush, falafel, and Israeli salads, all of which are vegan.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a country that used to consider a massive portion of its residents as meat lovers. However, times have changed, and more Kiwis have opted for a plant based diet. It’s gotten to the point that the country currently ranks fifth for veganism in terms of Google Trends data (the amount of people searching for vegan items)..

As a result, they turned to veganism to reduce their food waste and carbon emissions, anything to help save their beloved environment. With plenty of vegan grocery stores, shops, and businesses selling vegan food and products, you won’t have a hard time in New Zealand.


If it has been one of your goals to reduce your meat consumption and practice a vegan lifestyle, you won’t be hard pressed to find options in any of the above countries. . You could think about living in the UK, Australia, Israel, or New Zealand, and you can benefit from their communities to act as your support system and inspiration to become vegan once and for all. 

Are you looking for vegan meat alternatives in Australia to maintain your plant-based habits? Buy Vegan is an ever-expanding directory for Australia’s best vegan products. Browse through our catalogue to discover what’s in store for you!

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