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Is Chocolate Vegan: An Important FAQ, Answered!

Who doesn’t like chocolate?  Honestly, it’s just delicious. With so many brands entering the vegan market there is now a tonne of vegan chocolate out there to enjoy. If you grew up eating chocolate, then more likely than not—you still eat the sweet stuff. 

Is chocolate vegan?

If you clicked on this article in hopes of finding an answer to your question of whether or not chocolate is vegan, the most accurate response that we can give you is that yes - there is a tonne of vegan chocolate available. For the most part, you can pick up a plant based chocolate alternative that fits the mould of most types of choc—milk, dark, flavoured, and more. 

Which options are vegan?

Let’s start with the obvious: milk chocolate—as the name suggests—isn’t vegan because it contains an animal-derived ingredient. And yes, the majority of commercially available and common bars of chocolate that you’ll see in convenience stores and supermarkets are based on milk. The good news, however, is that there’s more and more options popping up for a milk chocolate style bar that are vegan and plant based. Hello, Sweet William, PANA, Pico and Loving Earth. As a general rule of thumb, any plant based chocolate that has under 60% cocoa starts to emulate a traditional milk chocolate flavour - it’s just using soy, coconut or other replacements to get that deliciousness.

When it comes to determining whether or not a bar of chocolate is vegan, it all boils down to being more aware of the different ingredients that a bar is made of. So, read your ingredient lists!

The most common culprits are the obvious ones of milk, cream and butter. You’ll also find that some seemingly vegan choccies are not so. You know, like how all Lindt Chocolates that are 70%+ cocoa are VEGAN except for how the 78% cocoa choc has milk solids in it? Yep, milk solids are the last main one to watch out for.

Hot tip? All major allergens that are used in Australian products are bolded in the ingredient list. That means that the above main culprits will always be bolded. I imagine that this was a step for the lactose intolerants out there, but a step that has made being vegan just that little bit easier.

Beyond ingredients, the best way to ensure that you choose the most vegan-friendly chocolate possible is to go with brands that have actually established the fact that they make vegan products. Many brands will slap a big ol’ VEGAN symbol on the back. Or, any option from our directory of vegan chocolate in Australia will always be a safe bet if you’re looking for something that will allow you to stay on your plant-based lifestyle without giving up on that choc lyf. 


While chocolate wasn’t typically a vegan-friendly product as most of us hoped it would be, there is definitely enough out there to keep us vegans fed and salivating.. By considering the key points mentioned above, you’ll be able to help ensure that you end up with a lift where you’re vegan and a consumer of that dark smooth goodness that is chocolate. Now, excuse me while I go gorge on a hazelnut Vego bar

Are you looking for the best vegan chocolate in Australia? Check out our online directory today for a full list of options to choose from!

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