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Our Fave Finds at The Vegan Market 2023 Melbourne

We went to The Vegan Market in Melbourne on Saturday and had a GREAT time. We ate WAY too much (how could we help ourselves!?) and learned about some epic new vegan businesses.

There are too many to type out, but below are a few of our favourites.

Dibble Foods

Dibble had a range of some delicious condiments, but our favourite was the cheese sauce (seen pictured above being held). It is soooo cheesy and creamy and the team tells us that you can use it to make a yummo pizza. I tried it with the nachos and my first thought was that it would be absolutely perfect for a decked out nachos.

You can check them out here.

Food to Make You Smile

This brand is a distributor of epic vegan foods. Honestly, just check out their website to see an amazing list. They were so much fun to visit. They were sporting an amazing collection of vegan cheeses and were dishing out taste testers and explanations of each cheese. I walked away with an epic parmesan by Gondino and some lovely table cheeses by Artisa. If you see them at a market, do yourselves a favour and visit.

YAY! Foods

YAY! Foods had a food stall selling their yummy pie (I devoured the steak pie - delicious) and sausage rolls, as well as promoting their feta and new feta dips. We tasted the feta (although we already knew we loved it!) and went through all the new dips. My favourites were the olive and chili dips, of which I took a couple jars home.

You can check them out here.


Not only was Tully himself an awesome person (and how cool is his hair!?), but his curry sauces were awesommeee. I tried a few of them and came home with the vindaloo and butter chicken sauces. They taste clean (and delicious!) and don't need to add anything to them but veggies and protein. YUM.

You can check them out here.

Essential Vegan

I am very partial or a pisatchio sorbet / vegan ice cream, so you bet when I saw a creamy pistachio spread I was very interested. And let me tell you - it's delicious! I also tried their yummy hazelnut variations which gently tickled my Nutella memories.

You can check them out here.



I couldn't not include these guys. They had a huge selection of hot sauces and chili variations. I tried approx 6 hot sauces. They were deliciously sweet with some heat, but what really got me was the chilli oil, which they told me had 9 ingredients infused in the oil. It has a lovely asian inspired taste which I'll definitely be sprinkling over future curries and stir fries.

You can check them out here.

Six Eyed Scorpion

I took this photo from their Instagram at a different market (sorry team I hope you don't mind!) because I was too busy trying their chili to take. I've seen these chillis around but had never seen their amazing 'extra spicy' one, which you can be sure I took home for later (and have used it twice since and LOVED it). The crispy shallots add some a nice crunch to the oil and it is just bursting with sexy flavours.

You can check them out here.

And that's a wrap! We had a blast at The Vegan Market and can't wait for the next one.

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