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Vegan Food Options at Hungry Jack’s in Australia in 2023

If you're looking for vegan options at Hungry Jack's in Australia, you're in luck! Here's a rundown of the plant-based offerings you can find on the menu.

Vegan Burger Options at Hungry Jack's

  • Bread Buns
  • Rebel Whopper* - NOT VEGAN WITHOUT CHANGES. Ask for them to change the mayo to vegan mayo and you're good.
  • Rebel Whopper Cheese* - NOT VEGAN WITHOUT CHANGES. Ask for them to change the mayo and cheese to the vegan versions and you're good.
  • Vegan Whopper Cheese - This is the burger with the old school veggie patties. I'm not opposed to veggie patties, but I just wouldn't choose this over the v2 food alt. meat version.
  • Vegan Muffin
  • Vegan Muffin Avocado

Vegan Side Options at Hungry Jack's

  • Fries
  • Hash browns
  • Angry onions

Vegan Condiments / Sauces at Hungry Jack's

  • Sweet chilli sauce

There's plenty to choose from at Hungry Jack's, who probably takes the crown as the most vegan fast food burger chain in Australia (besides of course for the totally vegan Lord of the Fries).

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