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Vegan Sour Cream vs Regular Cream: How Do They Fare?

Well, here’s another blog post I thought I’d never write (after I compared vegan bacon options!).

Vegan cream alternatives are a real thing now. And boy are they tasty.

Vegan food doesn’t need to consist of endless salads. We don’t eat just rabbit food. In fact, vegan food can be a culinary experience that will tantalise your taste buds (Mmmmm, tantalised taste buds!). Gone are the days of substituting creams for … nothing. Vegan and plant based creams are here. 

This is good news for vegans, plant based people and flexitarians everywhere. In some cases you won’t  be able to taste the difference between traditional dairy sour cream and its non-dairy counterparts. If you are looking to start your vegan journey or just want to find some plant based cream options, this blog post will focus on sour cream. It packs a ton of flavour and provides a good chunk of your daily nutrition, so it is a handy thing to be able to eat. 

Which vegan sour creams are hot right now? 

There have been a few new players in the plant based creams aisle as of late. Cream, sour cream and the loosely associated yoghurt have been a historically difficult food to emulate in a plant based (and still delicious) way. Honestly, until just a few months ago I would have said to not bother. But now with the new brands that have come out there are a bunch of amazing options to choose from.

Perhaps the hottest new kid on the block is Loco. They have come out with three different creams - dollop, sour and thickened - and boy are they receiving epic reviews. Just look what some Buy Vegan fans have been saying on-site about the Thickened.

This is the best vegan cream Ive found so far. I found it accidentally and I’m so glad I did! Only problem is now I keep making deserts just so I can smother them all in this cream and devour it!

Really surprised just how good this cream is! Whipped to perfection and enjoyed by my omni hubby! Win!

Can’t believe how yummy this cream is! I used it in a creamy pesto pasta and my goodness it tasted good! It has a touch of sweetness too! Great for whipping! Highly recommend!


Much like with many other vegan alternatives, sour cream has now joined the ranks of ‘not too hard to find a bloody tasty alternative,’ And, we couldn’t be happier about that!

If you are looking for fresh and delicious vegan alternatives, you’re in the right place! We aim to help you find Australia’s best vegan products, recommended by you. Discover the best vegan cream and other incredible products by browsing Buy Vegan today!

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