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We tried the totally plant based Impossibly Grill’d

And it was insanely delicious! Okay, you probs need a bit more than that. It was bloody delectable! But just minus the blood.

So, what was it?

Grill'd essentially turned two of their most popular stores into a plant based haven. These were vegetarian stores, but everything could be made vegan. And while that sounds similar to what we see at Grill'd day to day (you can replace any beef pattie, mayo or cheese with a vegan version), it had one distinct difference - the chicken. Grill'd partnered with one of our favourite vegan chicken guys in the game Plantein and used what tasted like their schnitzel in the HFC (Healthy Fried Chicken) range and their nuggets in the vegan version of the Grill'd HFC nuggets.

Strangely, the non-HFC range of burgers appeared to contain what I could only describe as a de-crumbed schnitzel. Which, left a lot to the imagination ...

The nuggets themselves were delicious and so was everything else on the menu. I smashed two burgers - one Impossible and one chicken as well as some nuggies.

I hope that Grill'd decides to bring the nuggets and schnitzels across all of its stores, making the menu truly completely available to be made plant based on demand. I'm sure there will be enough demand for it.

Below are some piccies of what Grill'd was dishing up.

But what happened?

Well, it was only a test run. But hopefully Grill'd took some learnings to heart from it and start to roll out the chicken varieties across all their stores. If they've done it in one, surely they can do it in all? Bring it on Grill'd - we're ready.

If you're utterly jealous and want to relive some history ... They're still hosting the full menu online so you can be jealous, as well as a cool little plant based history.

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