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Welcome to Buy Vegan

The plant-based directory for those living on the veg.

Buy Vegan is a community-powered directory of the best vegan products you can buy in Australia. It is built to help vegans and vegan friends to find recommended vegan products so that you know you're buying best.

I started Buy Vegan because now I can stop saying "I'll get the vegan one". Instead I'm asking friends, "what's the best vegan one?". My friends, gone are the days where there's only one vegan option! Now we're welcoming an era where there's almost too many amazing plant based products to choose from! I for one am constantly suffering from choice paralysis. And so I built Buy Vegan - a place for vegans and vegan friends to help each other find the best vegan products.

With so many new vegan and plant based products hitting the shelves, there's now a 'good' vegan product for pretty much everything. Want some sturdy faux leather boots? You got it. Want some epic feta? You got it. Want to eat a greasy burger at 2am that you'll regret in the morning? You most certainly have got it!

Jump into Buy Vegan and start finding your favourite products.

We hope you enjoy your time on-site. Have fun, and please do join us on Instagram!

How can I get involved?

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Check out the latest and most popular products on the home page, browse through the categories or use the search engine to find exactly what you're looking for.

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Click on a product and you'll find a few ways to add your two cents. 
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Want to add your favourite products? Just hit the 'submit' button on any page and follow the prompts. Your product will be submitted to us for moderation before posting up.

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Use Buy Vegan as your own little vegan handbook. Register an account and you'll be able to bookmark products so that you can easily visit them again later. You'll also see all of the products you've ever upvoted and submitted.

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