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Australia’s Plant Based Cities – Where to Buy Vegan Food in Australia

Many people have taken up vegan diets in recent years. Among the many reasons people choose to take up vegan diets, it can either be a dietary restriction or a simple lifestyle choice. 

In Australia alone, an estimated number of 2.5 million people have taken up a vegetarian diet, with 500,000 people in that population having gone vegan. Vegan alternatives have seen a spike in popularity, and many of them can be found in your local grocery or supermarket. 

Even fast-food franchises have started to offer vegan options on their menu. Among these fast-food franchises, Hungry Jack’s is the most prominent. If you haven’t tried the Hungry Jack’s Rebel Whopper then you seriously should - it’s pretty darn hard to tell the difference from the traditional Whopper. HJ’s even made a whole ad about it!  . 

The question remains: where can you find vegan food in Australia? Listed below are some of the cities in the country and where to find vegan restaurants. This list is sorted based on the amount of vegan dining venues per capita in each location.

#1: Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Despite not being a capital city with many people living in it, Sunshine Coast is where many vegan establishments can be found in Australia. Sunshine Coast boasts 305 restaurants, 128 cafes, and 167 shops that offer vegan options for the health-conscious. 

#2: Gold Coast, Queensland

Next on the list is Gold Coast. Much like Sunshine Coast, it also has many people who are either vegan or looking to switch their food to vegan options. Aside from that, many people from the area turn to Google to find where they can get vegan options. 

#3: Sydney, New South Wales

With Sydney being the biggest city in Australia, it only makes sense that it has made our list! Sydney is home to 5 million people, and many vegan establishments are also in the city too. Just like in Gold Coast, interest in veganism is also prevalent in Sydney.

Other Cities to Consider: Outside of the top three, other cities like Brisbane and Melbourne also have many establishments that offer vegan options for the health-conscious and within certain regions of the cities may be considered more vegan than the top 3!

The Final Verdict: Which Area Is Best?

Sunshine Coast has the highest amount of vegan dining options per capita It has over 305 restaurants that offer vegan food, which is higher than any other city per capita.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t find vegan food in the bigger cities, though. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and others have a wide range if vegan options. While on a per capita basis they may seem low, that is purely because of the size of the population of those cities. Certain locales in each city are densely populated with vegan food - think the inner north in Melbourne and the inner West in Sydney.


Veganism has started to become a trend in Australia, which has prompted establishments that offer vegan options to blossom. More and more people are turning to vegetarianism and veganism.

Vegan food is a good alternative if you’re looking to ditch meat as a whole or are looking for a flexitarian diet. They taste no different than actual meat. If you’re looking for vegan meat alternatives, Buy Vegan has got your back with the largest directory of vegan meats you can buy in Australia! Aside from meat alternatives, the directory also has  many other vegan options, such as bread, dairy products, and even vegan clothing! Contact us today to find out more!

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