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5 Vegan Hot Sauces I’m Loving Right Now

While I've always had a place in my heart for hot sauces, I've never really said I have a heart for them. That being said, they're now a large part of my daily diet. Whether it's on some vegan tacos with my favourite chilli non carne (a story for another day), my daily lunch time salad or my scrambled tofu - hot sauces a regular staple at almost all meals in this home.

Let me take you through my current line up of 5 vegan hot sauces that I couldn't live without, starting from the least hot to the one that's the same strength as police grade pepper spray. 🌶️

Tomatillo and Jalapeno by Melbourne Hot Sauce (MHS)

This one is a jalapeno lover's dream for a salsa verde style hot sauce. It's light on the tongue which means that you can really taste the jalapeno in all of its glory. It's an easy eat which means that you should pour it on your favourite food very, very liberally - there's no need to fear any kick. Perfect for any mexican style dish.

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Dillan Dill Pickle Hot Sauce by Mat's Hot Shop

Ooooh boy is this a good hot sauce. It's a mild-medium heat that's not trying to hide. It hits you as soon as you pop it in your mouth and it stays at the same level through your eating session - no lingering found here. The pickle taste is definitely there, but a little too light on the pickle for my liking (disclaimer: I'm obsessed with pickles). It's a perfect addition to a salad or burger to add some extra pickle-y goodness and some mild kick.

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Chipotle & Cayenne by MHS

If you're a fan of smokey chipotle then this hot sauce is for you (and me). It's super smokey and has a great authentic chipotle flavour, which can be hard to find in a vegan chipotle (hello Grill'd - where's the vegan Beyond Chipotle option?! 🤷‍♂️).

Make sure not to get their other chipotle hot sauce if you're avoiding honey!

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Billnudgel Smoked Hot Sauce by Church Farm

Compared to our chipotle friend above - here we are leveling up the smoke and the kick, minus the chipotle flavour. This one is a delicious companion to any vegan egg dish, mexican food or really - anything, so long as you're a fan of deep smoke in your hot sauce.

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Thunderclap's Carolina Reaper

Okay, okay, what do we have here? We have a carolina reaper hot sauce. In 2017, Guinness World Records declared it the hottest chilli pepper in the world - so you know you're in for a smack in the face with this hot sauce. But, with only 7.7% of the bottle made up of the carolina and 50% of mandarin (yep, the fruit), you're in for a chance to eat this and not start sweating profusely. The manadrin really does take the edge off, but the kick is definitely there and boy is it a lingerer.

So, there you have it. 5 vegan hot sauces that are currently lining my kitchen shelf and stomach. Pick one up and let me know how you like it.

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