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6 Vegan Baking Essentials You Need (by a cake lover)

I wasn’t really sure where to start when I first started transitioning over to vegan baking. Thankfully, the internet is the greatest resource and helped me navigate this change (I didn’t have the Buy Vegan directory back then). So, I’d like to share a list of vegan baking essentials you can use as a starting point to churn out cookies, cakes, muffins, and all other vegan treats. 


Best Vegan Baking Butter

I will maintain that the Original Spread by Nuttelex is the holy-grail for dairy-free butters.  This has always been my personal go-to and also my family’s favourite for baking. My parents were looking for a cholesterol-free and preservative-free margarine and have used Nuttelex ever since. Nuttelex also has a Buttery Spread which I highly recommend to put on a vegan scone or a freshly baked vegan croissant!

Check out the full Nuttelex range or browse other Vegan Baking Butters on Buy Vegan!

Best Vegan Egg Replacement for Baking

When I first started out vegan baking I was using applesauce, chia, and flax as an egg  replacement. Whilst these methods can work perfectly, the market has expanded and there are tons of vegan egg options out there. The No Egg Egg Replacer by Orgran binds baked goods together well, and also produces light and fluffy cakes and muffins (this opinion is also held by my mother who just started using egg substitutes).

Browse all Egg Replacement options on Buy Vegan here!

Best Vegan Baking Chocolate

I am just thinking about all the baked goods you can create with the Choc Baking Buttons by Sweet William and I am DROOLING. These baking buttons are rich and smooth, ideal for baking into your mega double chocolate muffins and chocolate chip cookies. I have tried a few different dairy-free baking chocolates but I always tend to lean towards Sweet William - they melt the best in my opinion! You can also add these in icings, sauces, and also just eat them straight out the bag! If you are looking for some different flavours for your baked goods you can try the White Choc or the Dark Choc Baking Buttons

You can check out the whole Sweet William range on Buy Vegan - all products are dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, and nut-free! You can also check out more vegan baking chocolate products on Buy Vegan and leave reviews once you have tried and tested!

Best Vegan Cookie Dough

Before I went vegan I would often make cookies using the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough by Eat Pastry. My family discovered these at a local store and now it's the only cookie dough we buy. These cookies are vegan, egg-free, and gluten-free. Honestly, I often just scoop this straight out of the tub but they are also so simple to bake. I like my cookies warm and soft so I would recommend baking for just under 10 minutes so they come out ooey and gooey!  When these are in the oven the whole house smells incredible! I have also heard amazing things about the Nature’s Kitchen Cookies Creme Cookie Dough. A few of my (trust-worthy) friends swear by this tub. I have yet to try it and will report back when I do!

Browse other cookie dough products on Buy Vegan here!

Best Vegan Milk Replacement for Baking

Where do I begin with dairy-free milk? Wow. I have tried and tested many ‘mylks’ and I think my conclusion is that it is really based on personal preference (but keep your eyes peeled for a vegan milk comparison blog coming soon). I tend to fluctuate between a few different alternative milks when I bake. My go to is Soy Milky Low Sugar by Vitasoy. Soy milk does have the most protein of all the dairy-free milks, so for bakes that need a lot of structure (like cake), I usually go for soy milk. I also love the sweet and vanilla taste of the Vitasoy milk. Whilst it is not overpowering it at all, I believe that it does add a bit of flavour to my baked goods. If you're not so into soy milk, my runner up would be Unsweetened Organic Almond milk by PureHarvest

If you want to do some more research, you can browse other plant-based milk alternatives brands that are highly rated by Australians on Buy Vegan here.

Best Vegan Condensed Milk

Are you looking for the best vegan condensed milk replacement? In baked goods, condensed milk lends moisture and flavour to the recipe, as well as that amazing colour to the crust. I stand by the Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk by Coles as a great substitute! The thick consistency of the cream of coconut closely resembles sweetened condensed milk! This is seriously rich and delicious!

Check out all the vegan and plant based condensed milk options on Buy Vegan.

I hope this list is helpful for those looking to swap out of a few of their baking essentials with vegan alternatives. I can’t wait to hear what you all bake! Leave your opinions on how products worked for your cakes, cookies, muffins, and more in the product reviews on Buy Vegan. 

For all vegan baking goods available in Australia, feel free to check out our vegan baking collection.

Happy baking!

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