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Buttery Spread

by Nuttelex

4.3 out of 5 stars from 10 reviews

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Nuttelex Buttery is the No#1 favourite for those who just love the taste of butter - but want a healthier option. Enjoy a dollop on your veggies, topped on your toast or use in any traditional butter-based recipe to make it just that little bit better - free from dairy, lactose and cholesterol free oils.

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6 reviews of “Buttery Spread

  • Nicholas

    7th February 2023

    Great for most purposes, but can be a bit watery for some types of baking. For example, it’ll result in flat, thinly spread cookies. Good general all round replacement to butter otherwise.

  • [email protected]

    7th February 2023

    Doesn’t really taste like butter

  • Emily

    11th February 2023

    Good buttery taste. Great vegan option, works well in baking.

  • Laura

    11th February 2023

    This is my favourite spread so far.
    Tastes good

  • Greg

    14th February 2023

    A good all round spread on bread or biscuits and also great for cooking when you’re looking for a butter alternative.

  • Olivia

    23rd March 2023

    Like all the Nuttelex butters - with the exception of the coconut oil one - this tastes very artificial to me - like the awful old fake butter flavour you used to get on popcorn - part detergent, part perfume and in no way appealing.
    Also, this has palm oil in it so while that does not directly make something non-vegan, it is hard to argue that it's actually cruelty-free. (The coconut oil Nuttelex is also their only palm-oil-free product.)

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