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The Complete Vegan Kitchen

by Clever Coconuts

Credit Clever Coconuts for description and images.

This is the ultimate wooden Vegan Play food set. This set contains all 14 pieces in our Clever Coconuts range so you don't have to choose. Your little one will be beaming seeing all the food they eat in their daily life that no other play set contains. You will also receive our printable 12 piece vegan grocery items to really take your home corner to the next level.

This set includes:

• Almond, Soy, Coconut, Cashew, Rice and Oat Milks
• Coconut Yogurt, Dairy-Free Cheese, Tofu, Plant-based Butter, Plant-based Butter, Jackfruit, Tempeh, Veggie Burgers

+ FREE 12 piece PDF Vegan pantry items

We’ve designed this beautiful play food set as a keepsake toy that will last through years of playing kitchens. It’s made from solid, sustainably sourced beechwood timber. It is designed to be an inclusive addition to any kitchen play and invites learning and play around cooking with kindness and acceptance of others dietary needs and choices.

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