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by Vegan Chocolate Co.

4.7 out of 5 stars from 10 reviews

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This guy's the largest larrikin in our town. And.what a lovable boofhead he is, with his 2 enormous rounded biscuits, slathered with raspberry jam and all muscled up with a chunky wedge of the best vegan marshmallow we've ever tasted. Made right here in Sydney, the marshmallow component of this delectable fine treat has taken a year to perfect.

Finishing off this absolute hunka chunk of burnin' love with a hand-dipped coating of the creamiest vegan chocolate in our arsenal, Wheelie is the guy who pulls the applause.

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7 reviews of “Wheelie

  • Michelle Harris

    26th July 2021

    Yum, they taste like homemade wagon wheels. I loved the jam and marshmallow combination. Found the biscuit a little bland for my taste

  • ZoeTheZombie

    26th July 2021

    The marshmallow is a little hard but other than that it's very delicious!

  • Anna Debinski

    1st August 2021

    Sooo yummy!!

  • Chris

    3rd August 2021

    Love ❤️


    15th August 2021

    Reminds me of a wagon delish

  • Kelly D

    19th November 2021

    Ok - so these are legit freakin' fabulous. Cram them in your face space ASAP

  • Clairey

    1st March 2023

    I love Health Lab treats and was really looking forward to these. I found them okay but very small for the price and also very, very sweet.

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