• Robina

    They’re good. They’re a bit dense, not layer-y and flaky like a vegan croissant from a nice cafe would be. For the price, not unreasonable.

  • JoDogz

    I love these croissants so much. Pop them in the air fryer for a couple of minutes and they’re delicious by themselves before you get to add anything. They’re a good price for a vegan product, and seem to have avoided over-pricing as a lot of vegan products seem to do. For me the only issue is finding them. Hopefully Coles starts stocking them in all their stores.

  • Adam Barrington

    I bought some from Coles. They’re just a bit dry, not for me sorry, but not terrible. Definitely worth a go to see if they’re right for you

  • Shana

    These are so tasty and perfect with vegan cheese and tomato. reminds me of the real deal. So scrumptious.

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