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Oat Milk Unsweetened

by Vitasoy

5 out of 5 stars from 3 reviews

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If you’re being mindful of your cholesterol (or just love your oats), Vitasoy Oat Milk Unsweetened is brimming with the goodness of real oats.

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3 reviews of “Oat Milk Unsweetened

  • Laurelle

    8th March 2023

    I love this Oat Milk, nice & creamy & no unpleasant after taste. Highly recommend.

  • Maddy

    9th March 2023

    That's one of my favourite plant-based milks, creamy and smooth, doesn't curd when I make my coffee and works well for both sweet and savoury recipes. I've convinced my workplace to supply it for us and now there's a following, a bunch of omnis ditched the cow's milk and have it too ❤️

  • Elyse

    11th March 2023

    One of my favourite oat milks. Creamy, low in sugar, delicious taste and affordable. Works well with coffee, cereal, smoothies and even baking.

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