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Half & Half Raspberry & Dark Chocolate

by Weis

2 out of 5 stars from 2 reviews

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Raspberry Sorbet meets Dark Chocolate Frozen Dessert, the best of two worlds! Weis have taken inspiration from our famous two-tone bars and created a 1L Tub to delight the senses, and easy to scoop! The sweetest raspberries combined to delight with our indulgent dark chocolate frozen dessert – perfectly paired, all you have to do is enjoy!!

Credit Weis for description and images.

2 reviews of “Half & Half Raspberry & Dark Chocolate


    23 Mar

    The consistency is great, the combination is good, but the chocolate half especially tastes so strongly of coconut that it should be labelled differently as ‘dark chocolate coconut’. The raspberry half is pretty coconut-esque too.. it’s got a nice piquancy but the raspberry flavour could be stronger.
    Good but not great (I mean, I still did eat the entire tub)!

  • Valentina

    19 May

    This “frozen dessert” is a lie in a tub. It has a subtle coconut flavour that I personally detest, and I felt completely deceived opening the lid only to see a raspberry “sorbet” more akin to ice cream. I was expecting nice refreshing tart sorbet and was left with an aftertaste of coconutty disappointment instead. Don’t be fooled by this disgrace of a “frozen dessert”. Never again.

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