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Our Top 5 Best Vegan Ice Cream in Australia

I could talk about the drool worthy dairy-free and plant-based ice-cream options on the market for hours. This is one where I had to bring in the expert – dad. My dad and I have really tried and tested (many!) litres of ice-cream since we made the transition to veganism. And we reckon this list has got you covered! 

Best Vegan Sorbet

OK I am just drooling thinking about the Half & Half Raspberry and Dark Chocolate sorbet by Weis! This is the best of both worlds – the perfect combination of sweet raspberries and indulgent dark chocolate, perfectly paired. This has probably been my go to dessert for the past month. I love how light it is whilst still hitting that decadent sweet spot. My dad and I get through this very quickly! If you are more of a purist you can try the Summer Berries or Dairy Free Dark Chocolate flavour

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Best Vegan Ice-Cream Pint

I recently tried the Plantitude Frozen Dessert Vanilla ice-cream by Woolworths and was delightfully surprised. This frozen dessert is based on coconut cream but is not overpowered by a coconut flavour at all! It is one of the creamiest scoops and even after you re-freeze there is no frost layer on top! I usually put this on top of a warm apple crumble or just eat it out of the tub! However, I rarely get my hands on this pint because it is so popular and as a result is often out of stock (sigh!). I also really enjoy the Cookies & Cream flavour (when I cannot get my hands on the vanilla)! I also have to mention the Pana Organic range because each tub is labelled gluten free, with no dairy, no soy, no refined sugar and vegan. I love the Mint Chocolate Chip flavour!

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Best Vegan Ice-Cream Stick

I remember the day Magnum introduced their Dairy-Free range because it was a watershed moment for the vegan community! The Dairy-Free Almond Ice-cream is my personal favourite – it is sweet, creamy and has a nice ratio of almonds to chocolate on the coating. It is a great alternative ice-cream for people who want to eat less or choose not to consume dairy. My dad says that you would not be able to tell this is dairy free because it is so creamy! I am yet to try the Sea Salt Caramel flavour but it is high on the priority list!

Best Vegan Ice-Cream Sandwich

The Vegan Caramel Pecan Ice-Cream Sandwich by Pat and Stick is amazing!! Super creamy, not sugary and way better than other ice-cream sandwiches I have tried. It seriously tastes like how it sounds – salted caramel ice-cream wedged pecan packed cookies. I am drooling right now. The range of flavours is made with an almond milk and coconut base! They also offer a Vanilla Chocolate Chip and Double Chocolate flavour!

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Best Vegan Drumstick cone

Drumstick cones are an iconic Australian ice-cream which are now readily available in a vegan alternative! The Vegan Vanilla cone by Cornetto is made from soy and is coated inside with a chocolate layer, with tons of dark chocolate pieces inside.  These are absolutely delicious and worth every single lick! If you’re looking for some different flavours the Affogato Drumstick has a delicious espresso and chocolate flavour with a very crisp cone!

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Truly, there is no shortage of plant-based ice-cream on the market at the moment. Whether you like a simple vanilla scoop, you’re a cookie and cream stan, or you love a fruity sorbet, there is something for you! Browse the full range of dairy-free and vegan ice-creams on Buy Vegan!

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