• Bella Fary

    I love this ice cream! It is very creamy and the chocolate outside is delicious. The organic and quality ingredients top it all off.

  • Natajshia Rimington

    This ice cream is out of this world. Even my sugar loving none vegan friends love this ice cream. The mint and choc shavings is heaven and it even has spirallina in it (cannot taste it at all) so it’s healthy too!

  • Charlotte

    Sooo delicious! Best mint chip ice cream I’ve ever had and you feel great afterwards. It has peppermint essential oil in it so it actually helps digestion after a meal, highly recommend

  • Natalie

    This is my absolute favourite ice cream. It’s so decadent, so the small tub still goes a long way. Chocolate and mint go vegan? Can’t go wrong!

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