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Lychee Mochi Sorbet

by Buono

3 out of 5 stars from 2 reviews

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A bit tart, a bit sweet, and perfectly blanched, lychee makes the perfect refreshing sorbet to enjoy in a hand-held mochi pocket.

Credit Buono for description and images.

2 reviews of “Lychee Mochi Sorbet

  • anonymous

    6th August 2023

    it's absolutely disgusting
    the texture is like crushed orbeez
    the flavour is mid
    there's a weird aftertaste
    it was melted in the tiny plastic packet
    I couldn't even finish one

  • k

    26th October 2023

    it was delicious, it was a bit hard when right out of the freezer but i hate the whole box because it was delicious and the soft mochi and the lychee sorbet was just such a good combo

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