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Steak-Style Pies

by Fry's

3.6 out of 5 stars from 7 reviews

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100% Vegan puff pastry pie loaded with tender, juicy Fry’s steak style pieces in a rich meat-free gravy. Packed with protein and crafted with only non-GM ingredients and no preservatives. This traditional steak pie is packed full of flavour to provide a hearty and warm meal or snack on any day of the week. Can be eaten cold, straight from the pack as a grab and go snack – or heated through and served with veg and chips on the side!

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6 reviews of “Steak-Style Pies

  • Jeanette

    30th January 2023

    excellent pie, juicy and flavourful and perfect pastry
    Will definitely buy again.

  • Renee

    7th February 2023

    Such a great plant based pie. Pastry nice and crispy and filling is chunky and saucy!

  • Emily

    11th February 2023

    Really good! The filling is delicious, and the pastry is nice and flakey. I only wish more came in the pack!

  • Laura

    11th February 2023

    Probably the least favourite of the fry’s products.
    This just didn’t seem right, maybe because I have never tried the non vegan steak pie….
    Love their other products though

  • Bex

    17th February 2023

    Great flaky pastry, but this newer version is not nearly as good or as flavourful as the previous pepper steak pie (IMHO).

  • Nick

    3rd July 2023

    While the pastry was nice, the filling was extremely salty to my palate.

  • Matthew silavant

    19 hours ago

    The only thing that is any good about this pie, is the fact it can be put in the bin! I have no idea what the flavour is but it aint anything that should be eaten by any good person or animal! I have tasted assholes better then this pie! The “meat” texture is like jelly. The sauce tastes like the smell of cheap dog food! Im not even sure a dog would eat this! It has no flavour that I recognise and that scares me! Ive tasted soooo much crap! Its saving grace is the shit pastry. Its flaky and gove it the pie consistency but thats it! Never again will this pie be eatten!
    I will only ever buy this product again to cook and throw at fascists and politicians!

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