Countries That Have the Most Vegan and Plant-Based People: Part 2

In the past year, veganism has continued to grow. More people in more parts of the world are interested in switching to plant based or flexitarian diets.

Because of the increased interest in living a more sustainable lifestyle, there is a growing number of people switching to a plant-based diet. In turn, as veganism spreads, more people become curious about vegan food and contribute to the growing community by sharing plant-based recipes. 

We’ve already touched on the top countries that have the most number of plant-based residents, check it out here, but here are a few more nations that have embraced this lifestyle. Let’s take a look!


Austrian cuisine is quite unique and flavorful. But even if most of their meals are packed with meat and dairy, they have some vegan-friendly dishes filled with fantastic veggies like horseradish, sauerkraut, and more.

Austria is part of the list because they actually hold the fourth spot in worldwide vegan-loving countries.1.2 percent of their population enjoy the vegan lifestyle, so you’re sure to find vegan strudel and schnitzel in every turn. 


Today, 10 percent of their population are vegetarian, and 1.6 percent are vegan—the numbers will continue to increase in the next few years, as more and more people try to cut back on meat consumption and look for other alternatives. With that being said, Germany is slowly becoming one of the leading producers of meat substitutes. 


It is known that Sweden’s long winters make it difficult for producers to grow crops. But despite that, veganism is growing in this country as the health-conscious population continues to increase. Sweden is also home to the first vegan school in Nordic countries and is heading vegan food developments. 


In 2019, 31 percent of Swiss had cut out meat from their diet. This percentage also includes those who are reducing their meat consumption, pushing towards a completely vegan lifestyle. 


Health Canada, a government agency, prioritizes plant-based food over dairy, seafood, and meat, giving veganism in Canada a significant boost. With this, the number of people who follow the vegan diet has doubled in the past years, most embracing a fully vegan lifestyle — from their clothes to their home products. 


A Wellwoman study discovered that people would most likely shift to a vegan lifestyle for environmental and ethical reasons, and 37 percent would permanently stick to this lifestyle change. 


Since 2017, sales of meat have dropped in the country by as much as 9%. To cover the loss, butchers are offering meat substitutes and supermarkets have started expanding their vegan range. Vegan options grew over 51% over the same period, proving that the Netherlands is becoming a country full of vegans.

United States

The US is the 12th most vegan-empowered country, and the number of Americans embracing the vegan lifestyle will continue to grow in the coming years. In the last 15 years, there has been an increase of 300 percent of Americans following a vegan diet. 

The states in the US that are considered consistently vegan are Oregon and Portland. So if you’re looking for vegan food when you’re in town, you’ll most likely find that each restaurant and cafe offers vegan-friendly products. 

The Bottom Line: Veganism is Taking the World By Storm, and Rightfully So

Having a plant-based lifestyle is starting to be pretty common worldwide, and it won’t be a surprise when more countries embrace this lifestyle. 

Now that vegan food and products are more accessible to the public, more people will be curious to learn more about it and eventually switch to veganism or start eating and buying more vegan products.

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