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The 5 Best Vegan Chocolates for 2023

From Coles home brands, to artisanal boutique bars and well-known household brand names,  companies around the world are making vegan chocolate accessible. As you will soon discover, there’s more vegan chocolate than you probably knew about!.

In this blog we highlight some of our fave choc which you can use for melting or to eat by the slab! If you want to see all chocolates available for some more inspo, you can browse the collection of vegan chocolate on Buy Vegan here.

Pana Chocolate

Pana Organic Chocolate is well-known for their chocolates which are all handmade, organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, raw and vegan. They recently came out with their Mylk chocolate which is absolutely delish and smooth like regular dairy chocolate. Even though it is made from coconut, I did not find that a coconut flavour came through. Rather, the chocolate is rich and the ‘milky’ texture is satisfying. I also really enjoy the Salted Caramel flavour. However, this is artisanal chocolate and the price replicates that with a 45g bar retailing from $6.00 AUD. Pana Organic has a range of other products which you can check out on Buy Vegan here

Lindt 70% Dark Chocolate 

The Dark Chocolate 70% Smooth Blend by Lindt is a staple in my pantry. I buy blocks at a time when it goes on special at the supermarkets. This chocolate is mild in flavour so I would recommend it for someone who is starting out with dark chocolate or prefers a mild cocoa taste. I like using this for melting chocolate and also to eat plain squares with a cup of tea. It has the right amount of sweetness and no bitterness. 100g of this Mild Dark bar retails for $4.00 AUD. Check out the rest of Lindt’s vegan chocolate here.

Vego Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar

The Vego Hazelnut Chocolate bar genuinely tastes like the best nougat and vegan nutella mixed together - it is extremely creamy with generous amounts of hazelnuts. If you’re leaving for a vegan milk chocolate bar, this bar is the one. It is made from a minimum of 30% cacao so it has no bitterness and truly replicates a decadent traditional milk chocolate bar. This bar retails for $7.95 AUD. If you have not yet tried this I would HIGHLY recommend, seriously, one of the best vegan chocolate bars out there!

Vegan Peppermint Chocolate by Coles

About a year ago Coles released a home range of vegan chocolates including the Vegan Peppermint Chocolate. This chocolate is about 55% cacao so it is on the milder end with no bitterness at all. This bar retails at $5.00 AUD for an 80g block and thus is more affordable than competitors. I love the peppermint flavour but this bar is less creamy than some other dark choc out there. Either way, it’s awesome to see the market flooding with so many plant-based chocolates. Also, this vegan peppermint chocolate is a great option for a plant-based christmas stocking stuffer!


Pico chocolate is absolutely epic. All varieties are certified organic and fairtrade, and also contain coconut nectar to give the chocolate added sweetness. The Coconut Milk Chocolate reminds me of Dairy Milk and the Hazelnut Milk Choc is delicious for anyone with a sweet spot for that nutty taste. My personal favourite is the Salted Caramel Chocolate which has bits of crunchy caramel pieces and sea salt running through the slab (I’M DROOLING). Pico is high-quality plant-based chocolate! Pico retails for $7.00 AUD per 100g block.

Vegan Chocolate Company

I also must mention the range of Vegan Products by Vegan Chocolate Co. Sydney based, these guys make epic twists on classic Aussie choccies like Tim Tams and Wagon Wheels. These artisanal chocolates are handmade and created with a sustainability focus and importantly, they are SCRUMPTIOUS. The Chocolate Timmy is calling me!! I want this chocolate sandwich biscuit to dip in my tea ASAP. The Wheelie is a delicious vegan chocolate cookie sandwich filled with marshmallow and raspberry jam. These vegan sweets would be a great gift this Christmas!

This concludes our hitlist of (some) of the best vegan chocolate available in Australia. 

If you want to see all chocolates available, you can browse the collection of vegan chocolate on Buy Vegan here. We would love to hear your opinions of these plant based choccies - leave a review of any product on Buy Vegan and go in the draw to win a $30 voucher (redeemable in tons of stores across Australia).

Wishing you a merry Christmas folks!

Buy Vegan xx

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