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The Best Vegan Lollies You Can Get in Australia

Whether you’re trying to adopt a more plant-based lifestyle or have certain dietary requirements, you can still totally indulge your sweet tooth. Today, there are so many different types of vegan lollies and candy available nation-wide in Australia. Here, we have listed some of our favourite plant-based lollies.

Vegan Fruity Flavoured Lollies by The Natural Confectionary Company

The Natural Confectionery recently released a gelatine-free and vegan version of its classic fruit jelly lollies. Like its other products, their Vegan Fruity Flavoured Lollies are known for completely avoiding artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners, plus high-fructose corn syrup. These are so delicious and I will always bring these on a road trip or store in my car for emergency lollies! These are reasonably priced too - at $4AUD for 200g.

Strawberry Candy Sour Straps by X-Treme

The X-Treme Strawberry Candy Sour Straps are perfect for occasions like movie nights or birthday parties. They are seriously delicious treats with an intense strawberry flavour that bursts in your mouth. The vegan candy strap is thin, chewy and sour confectionery perfection. The ultimate mouth smacking experience packed in a 160g packet.

Jelly Beans by Allen's

In very exciting news, Allen’s have recently announced that their Jelly Beans will now be 100% plant-based. Their new formula no longer contains carmine - the food colouring which is made from beetles. This transition started from mid-november, so make sure the packet has a ‘vegan-friendly’ labelling! It is awesome to see a company default to a vegan formula rather than create a separate vegan product! I will be hunting these down during my next supermarket shop!

Sour Patch Kids

The Sour Patch Kids lollies are soooo satisfying - just sour enough, and definitely sweet enough. These are a yummy explosion of sour tart flavour followed by a sweet finish. There are tons of flavours including lemon, raspberry, blackcurrant, orange, and lime. Perfect for sharing a little sweet mischief for special occasions. 

Fruity Peaches by Veganz

The Veganz Fruity Peaches are sweet and juicy peach flavoured fruit gummy hearts, an irresistible vegan candy. These adorable vegan peach gummies hit that peach ring craving! PS. Did you know that Veganz is a vegan supermarket chain in Germany?


Vegan Marshmallows by Dandies

The Marshmallows by Dandies are fluffy air-puffed vanilla clouds of goodness. The taste is great, with a pure, mild, and authentic vanilla flavour. Love adding these to my hot chocolates! Note that not all supermarkets have them available in stock all the time - I tend to get them at local vegan stores.

Vegan Caramel by Kuhbonbon

These delicious soft vegan caramels are made with real cocoa butter, organic coconut milk, and good brown cane sugar. The Vegan Caramel by Kuhnbonbon is free from gluten or artificial preservatives and colours, and completely plant-based. It is firm to the bite, melts in the mouth and has a delectable caramel taste. Really recommend trying this out for your next vegan caramel!

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