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The Best Vegan Cheeses in Australia

It can be an overwhelming task to find the best vegan cheese that suits the dish or occasion. Here we have outlined (some of) our personal favourite alternatives which match up to the traditional versions! Whether you are looking for a dairy-free cheeseboard of your dreams or the perfect feta to sprinkle on your avocado toast, we are sure to have something for you.

In this guide I will walk you through my absolute fave vegan cheese for each category - think cheese that melts, feta, cheese sauce, etc. Mmmm, now I’m hungry.

Best Vegan Cheese that Melts

This cheese is the end game. GreenVie block with Mozzarella flavour is an all rounder favourite for the best ‘cheese pull’ sort of melt. It is an excellent pairing opportunity as it melts well on toasties, pizza, pasta, and more. The taste is literally how I remember dairy mozzarella cheese to be. It is free from dairy, gluten, soy, lactose, and palm oil. Bonus points: the GreenVie block is B12 enriched. Try it for ooey, gooey, glory! 

Check it out or browse the full range of vegan mozzarella cheeses on Buy Vegan.

Best Vegan Cheese Slices

The Sheese Tasty Slices have a pleasant cheddar cheese flavour with a distinctive sour tang. This cheese is good on its own! It has a creamy and smooth taste, and is perfect as a snack to pair with crackers. When cooking, it melts well and the more ‘matured’ flavours intensify. 

Check it out or browse the full range of vegan cheddar cheeses on Buy Vegan.

Best Vegan Cheese for a Cheese Board

Anytime I serve this Aged and Smokey Cheese by The Vegan Dairy, my guests have to fight for it! It has a soft and smoky flavour that is heavenly. One of my cheeseboard essentials at the moment. It's a hit with everyone - vegan or not!! If you are not a cheese board sort of person, this is very tasty for a vegan grilled cheese sandwich!

Check it out or browse the full range of vegan table cheeses on Buy Vegan.

Best Vegan Mac and Cheese Brand

Kraft Mac & Cheese is a staple in the pantry for those who need a quick dinner or find themselves craving something ‘cheesy’. This mac and cheese tastes like that artificial cheesy goodness you may have loved as a kiddo, with no pungent coconut or yeast extract flavour. The cheese powder is pure gold! You will not be disappointed with this creamy cheese flavour. It really tastes like good old boxed mac and cheese! 

Check it out or browse the full range of vegan table cheeses on Buy Vegan.

Best Vegan Parmesan

The Follow Your Heart Dairy-free Parmesan is insanely good.  This is a product that is always in my fridge. This vegan parmesan is great to sprinkle on pasta, pesto, garlic bread, and roast veggies! The texture and tang is spot on, I would eat this stuff straight up if I could!

Check it out or browse the full range of vegan parmesan cheeses on Buy Vegan.

Best Vegan Cheese Sauce

The Vegan Cheese Sauce by Hello Friend is hands down one of THE best vegan cheese sauces on the market. It is sooo gooey and cheesy. Not only does it melt a dream, it goes 

the most delicious deep golden colour when baked. The quality of this product is hard to match. Stir it into pasta, drizzle it over hot chips, smother on top of some nachos, or use as a cheesy dip. The options are endless with this decadent vegan cheese sauce.

Check it out on Buy Vegan.

Best Vegan Feta

The Marinated Vegan Feta by Yay Foods is absolutely delectable and delightful. You can taste the quality ingredients and love that goes into developing this creamy nut-free feta.Enjoy this on your pasta dishes, pizza, avocado toast, or with wine and a fancy cheese platter. This is melt in your mouth feta, marinated in rosemary and garlic infused oil.

Josh couldn’t help himself but add in his own personal favourite feta. If you’re after a Persian style feta, then look no further than the Persian Style Macadamia Feta by Botanical Cuisine. It’s a perfect addition to any avo toast and has fooled many non-vegans into thinking it’s plum old traditional feta.

Check it out or browse the full range of vegan feta cheeses on Buy Vegan.

In all honesty it is very hard to narrow down this list. There are so many amazing plant based / vegan cheese options on the market that this list could be endless. 

Use this guide as your starting point in your vegan cheese journey! But don’t let it be the end, you can check out all of the different vegan cheeses we have in our directory. Browse the categories and products to find ratings and reviews from other Aussies looking for the same thing as you - the very best vegan cheese in Australia! 

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