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96% Sugar Free Unicorn Sprinkles Snackles Bars

by Noshu

4 out of 5 stars from 2 reviews

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See, Noshu Snackles are delicious low sugar snacks that taste like high sugar treats. A sheep in wolf’s clothing in the snack bar aisle… And while they look like they’re bad for you, with their chocolatey, sprinkly, marshmallowy exterior, Snackles are in fact, not bad at all.

With us, you get tasty, better-for-you alternatives to sugar-laden treats that you and your kids will love. Sure, they don’t have the added nutrients to make them super heroes, but they don’t have the excessive sugar to make them super villains either… And we say that’s not bad!

Credit Noshu for description and images.

2 reviews of “96% Sugar Free Unicorn Sprinkles Snackles Bars

  • [email protected]

    10th February 2023

    These are excellent. It's rare to find something vegan, diabetic friendly AND fun for kids! As an extra bonus, they're delicious!

  • Maddy

    9th March 2023

    They taste ok, but I'm taken back by the advertisement, as if they're super healthy. Overly processed, loaded with fat and sugar alcohols, that's not exactly what should be acknowledged as healthy, especially if they're being targeted at kids.

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