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Where to buy the highest rated vegan treats in Australia.

Wheelie by Vegan Chocolate Co.

This guy’s the largest larrikin in our town. And.what a lovable boofhead… 

  • 324
  • 4.8
  • 3

Musk Fudge by Oh My Vegan!

Creamy, melt-in-your mouth musk flavoured fudge that takes you right back to… 

  • 17
  • 0

Vanilla Fudge by Oh My Vegan!

Sweet in its simplicity, a creamy fudge infused with organic vanilla bean… 

  • 10
  • 0

Coffee Fudge by Oh My Vegan!

For the coffee lovers, mouth-watering fudge infused with finely ground and… 

  • 15
  • 0

Dark Choc Chilli Fudge by Oh My Vegan!

For the sophisticated palate, a rich, dark fudge paired with a generous hit of… 

  • 14
  • 0

Lemon Lime Fudge by Oh My Vegan!

One for the citrus lovers, delectably smooth fudge with a hint of lemon and… 

  • 16
  • 0

Miranda’s Delight Mylk Chocolate by Health Lab

We’ve reimagined an iconic treat to be delightfully plant-based and… 

  • 3
  • 0

Petite Meringue Nests by Woolworths

Discover plant-based deliciousness! We’ve swapped out the eggs in these… 

  • 77
  • 0

Chocolate Timmy by Vegan Chocolate Co.

He’s a lad. The most popular kid on the block and for good reason. Two… 

  • 120
  • 0

Hazelnut Tammy by Vegan Chocolate Co.

She’s like that sweet cool girl next door whose hand you might have held… 

  • 144
  • 0

Coco by Vegan Chocolate Co.

She is the lithe and sexy taste of summer. The highest grade coconut shavings… 

  • 124
  • 0

Sneaky by Vegan Chocolate Co.

The nutty rascal of the pack, this treat is made from a velvet-smooth date… 

  • 256
  • 0

Cherry by Vegan Chocolate Co.

The only way to describe our newest rockabilly crush is that she has curves… 

  • 149
  • 0

Glazed Apple Fritter (Vegan) by Donut Papi

This gorgeous and mouthwatering treat is one of the tastiest vegan treats out… 

  • 162
  • 0

Vegan Rocky Road by Addiction Food

Rich, chewy, crunchy, decadent, our Vegan Rocky Road with roasted almonds,… 

  • 188
  • 0

Mango Licks

Mango Licks are suitable for Coeliacs, Vegetarians, Lactose Intolerant, Vegans,… 

  • 153
  • 0

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