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Bull Free Beef by Sunfed

Sunfed meats are made from premium yellow pea protein, they cook, feel and… 

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Braised Beef by Fable

Fable is a delicious plant-based alternative to slow cooked braised beef. Use… 

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Beyond Burger by Beyond Meat


  • 338
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Minced by Naturli

From the website: nce upon a time everyone thought meat only came from animals… 

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Mexican Chilli Beef Style Bowl by Plantivore

Heat and eat meals. 

  • 28
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Beef Made From Plants, Mince by Impossible Foods

NOTE: There is debate over whether Impossible products are truly vegan.… 

  • 33
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Burger Patties Made From Plants by Impossible Foods

Impossible™ Burger Patties are made from plants to satisfy your beef and… 

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Strips by Meet

All-beef texture and taste. No moos. What do these little wonders not do? Chuck… 

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Plant-Based Beef by Deliciou

Packed with natural ingredients, including powerful plant proteins and fiber!… 

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Plant Based No Beef Pie by 7-Eleven

7-Eleven No Beef Pie are available nationally in all stores for customers… 

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Beefy Rissoles by Unreal Co.

Unreal Co.’s Beefy Rissoles bring the plant-based revolution to one of… 

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Beefy Brat Sausages by Unreal Co.

Unreal Co.’s vegan bratwurst sausages are bursting with a rich and savoury… 

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Meaty Mix Savoury Grill Mock Beef by Unreal Co.

Unreal Co.’s Meaty Mix enables you to create hearty and plant-based mock beef… 

  • 194
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Italian Vegan Beef Burger by Unreal Co.

Unreal Co.’s Beefy Italian vegan beef burger is loaded with fresh onion and… 

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Vegan Tender Diced Beef by Plant Asia

Whether your style is spicy, saucy, sweet or sour – the possibilities are… 

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Meat Free Beef and Black Bean by Made With Plants

Our meat free Beef and Black Bean reimagines a classic takeaway dish, that’s… 

  • 158
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Beef-Style Burger by Vegie Delights

Our Beef-Style Aussie BBQ Burger is an Australian first – now you can enjoy a… 

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Thick Cut Chunky Strips by Fry’s

Wok on with our beef-style Chunky Strips! Simply add them to your stir fry,… 

  • 132
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