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So, you’re a vegetarian or vegan looking to get some b12 in your body. While some of us find it a simple task,…

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And it was insanely delicious! Okay, you probs need a bit more than that. It was bloody delectable! But just minus the…

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Hey fam. Essentially, I'm crying too much from the news to write too much here. So here's the short and not so…

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Synthetic Leather couch

Synthetic leather is becoming more and more popular for clothing, upholstery, and crafts.  Of course, …

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vegan cookies on a table

Veganism is a diet which is about eating food without any animal products in it.  Although dairy and egg …

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vegan chocolate

Who doesn’t like chocolate?  Honestly, it’s just delicious. With so many brands entering the vegan market…

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The plant-based directory for those living on the veg. Buy Vegan is a community-powered directory of the best vegan…

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