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Synthetic Leather couch


Understanding the Different Types of Synthetic Leather

Synthetic leather is becoming more and more popular for clothing, upholstery, and crafts.  Of course,  genuine leather is…

vegan cookies on a table


Are Vegan Cookies Worth Trying?

Veganism is a diet which is about eating food without any animal products in it.  Although dairy and…

vegan chocolate


Is Chocolate Vegan: An Important FAQ, Answered!

Who doesn’t like chocolate?  Honestly, it’s just delicious. With so many brands entering the vegan market there is…

sour cream

Food Comparisons

Vegan Sour Cream vs Regular Cream: How Do They Fare?

Well, here’s another blog post I thought I’d never write (after I compared vegan bacon options!). Vegan cream…


Food Comparisons

Best Vegan Bacon in Australian Supermarkets

When I went vegan 15 years ago I never thought I’d write the words of the title to…

Vegan cheese

What Is

What is Dairy-Free Vegan Cheese Made Of?

Cheese is one of the most beloved dairy products across the world. With thousands of varieties, enjoying a…



Are Nike Shoes Vegan? Mostly yes.

This is a common question that I and other vegans have been wondering for a long time. It’s…


Food Comparisons

Best Hummus Options in Australian Supermarkets

Hummus is a staple of many vegan meals. Able to be added to almost any dish, it’s an…


Food Comparisons

5 Vegan Hot Sauces I’m Loving Right Now

While I’ve always had a place in my heart for hot sauces, I’ve never really said I have…



I’m Loving This Vegan Tofu Scramble

As the saying goes, money can’t buy you happiness. This time happiness comes in the form of a…



Welcome to Buy Vegan

The plant-based directory for those living on the veg. Buy Vegan is a community-powered directory of the best…


A vegan week in Tasmania

Last week I went to Tasmania for the first time. And, it was incredible. It was like a…

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